Taroko Lodge is one of our clients in Taiwan. After using Tavernlabs for 2 months, the owner (Rihang) saw his booking increased by 35% and email enquiry through our system increased by 100%. His property name (Taroko Lodge) consistently appeared in the top 3 positions in different search engines (Google, Yahoo Taiwan, Yahoo Hong Kong, Bing, Baidu etc).


承蒙 耘客 的精心規劃及協助,俾使本民宿 ( Taroko Lodge ) 訂房率多於往常的 30 ~ 35% 業績。
而每天郵件洽詢率高達 100%。

本民宿因為 耘客製作群的熱忱 / 務實和用心,讓本民擁有獨立完整的展現空間。
耘客 直銷管理平台深具⋯⋯國際觀多語言的設計理念 / 多元行銷及自我統計的效率 / 優越的頁面互動能力⋯⋯使本民宿更加可以, 以逸代勞,專注在客戶的服務上。

本民宿眾多的客戶在 TripAdvisor 的好評,讓本民宿對於 耘客 的更加肯定!

受惠良多,隆情盛意,感荷無已, 敬維 駿業日隆,百務順遂,為祝為頌。

Taroko Lodge 謹啟

Thank-you letter from Taroko Lodge, Taiwan

Moonlight Garden is located in Zhouzhuang, China. It is a Zhouzhuang Watertown based boutique hotel features classical Chinese arts such as Guqin, Guzhen and Kunqu. "Across the Double Bridge, towards South Lake, a rockery stone stands in the front a garden. A bamboo fence encloses yet an inner courtyard, set against the picture perfect South Lake, Long Bridge and various fauna and flora. A plaque reads 'Moonlight Garden' in Chinese classical scripture. Enter the garden, and one finds a world of its own."

The Train Inn is a theme venue located in Minhang District, Shanghai. It is composed of a steam engine locomotive, five carriages, a high ceiling glass lobby, and a 300 square-meter out door plaza. The locomotive and train carriages were made in 1972 by The Tangshan Machinery Company. It has dedicated areas for dining, accommodation, events, and live performances, and is an ideal location for hosting gatherings for friends and family, birthday parties, weddings, and other outdoor events.

Espace Elastique is located in Tai O, Hong Kong. It consists of a B&B, boutique hotel style accommodation and a cafè in Tai O on Lantau Island, Hong Kong's largest and most unspoiled outlying island. Lantau is an off-track destination for those who look to escape to an alternative Hong Kong. Its mission is to help sustain Tai O's crude beauty by offering its guests a comfortable home away from home so that they will have time to explore and appreciate this charming traditional fishing village.

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